• Production of ultrasound diagnostic devices
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  • Production of ultrasound diagnostic devices
  • Type of investment project Предлагаемые для реализации инвестиционные проекты
  • Sector Instrument Manufacture (CI)
  • Total volume of investments, thousand $
  • Expected input of an investor, thousand $ 15 000
  • Investor participation form создание нового производства (предприятия)
  • Project description The project’s implementation involves construction of a plant in order to produce ultrasound diagnostic devices both stationary and portable types.

The nomenclature of the product to be produced with indication of the CN FEA code

- Universal and specialized (cardiological, neurological, pediatric, intracavitary, ophthalmological) ultrasound diagnostics devices

      - Stationary and portable ultrasound diagnostics devices

          - Ordinary ultrasound diagnostics devices, medium, high, expert and premium class of ultrasound diagnostics devices

              • Potential customer Domestic market Professional market – supplies to public and private medical and diagnostic centers, polyclinics, as well as laboratories. Private market – retail and wholesale trade, as well as selling of ultrasound diagnostic devices to individuals. Foreign market: Ultrasound diagnostics devices are in demand in developed and developing countries with a high level of medical services (USA, Canada, EU countries, Asia-Pacific region – totally about 80% of sales, as well as China, India, Brazil, CIS countries and others).
              • Key benefits of the project Availability of qualified labor resources and successful experience in setting up of similar production facilities; Possibility to implement the investment project as a resident of FEZ «Vitebsk» on land plots with developed infrastructure; Guaranteed sales markets on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad; Benefits and preferences at implementation of the investment project; Possibility of further production expansion (Ministry of Industry’s enterprises can provide assistance at the investment project implementation); Possibility to export products to the EEU countries (more than 180 million consumers) without paying customs duties and payments.
              • Region Vitebsk Region
              • District Vitebsk
              • GPS coordinates 55.184217, 30.202869
              • Land area, ha 4.00
              • Simple pay-back period, yrs 5
              • Dymanic pay-back period, yrs 7
              • IRR, % 20
              • Production of ultrasound diagnostic devices
              • Volume of imports to the Republic of Belarus, thousand $ 20 000
              • Volume of exports from the Republic of Belarus, thousand $ 2 500
              • Production of ultrasound diagnostic devices
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