3A1000 KINEGEN.air Brake Knee Joint with Pneumatic Swing Phase Control

  • wide activity range
  • pneumatic extension impact absorbtion for optimal wearing comfort
  • high stance stability through load-dependant brake and posterior positioned joint axis
  • knee certitude even when walking at angular levels
  • easy adjustment via screws and brakes
  • very smooth-running and therefore minimal expenditure of energy for the patient
  • light weight (820 g without tube)
  • incl. tube adapter 150A3/S400

Technical data

  • max. patient weight: 125 kg
  • activity level (walky): 1,5 to 3
  • connection proximal: adjustment core
  • connection distal: tube clamp Ø 34 mm
  • knee flexion angle: 145°
  • overall height: 249 mm
  • proximal height: 53 mm
  • distal height: 196 mm
  • effective height: 185 mm
  • effective proximal height: 39 mm
  • effective distal height: 146 mm


  • cosmetic soft foam cover 61A47/36-44

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Material Weight Item-No.
Aluminium 872 g 3A1000

A fundamental benefit of the KINEGEN.air is the precisely adjustable shock absorbing action which damps the extension impact comfortably shortly before complete extension. Therefore the patient will not experience exposure to heavy or unnecessary forces on the stump and the gait pattern will be considerably smoother. Depending on the desired adjustment it is possible to achieve a completely impactfree feeling in the stump during knee-joint extension.
Pneumatic Knee Joint