BLOCK EMF Copper Nickel Conductive RFID EMI Shielding transparent mesh fabric

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block emf copper nickel conductive rfid emi shielding mesh fabric: Can use for all electromagnetic radiation protection, keep electrostatic discharge have good performance and the use of cotton gauze to block emf radiation.

emi electromagnetic shielding materials: The radiation generated by the emi electromagnetic radiation instrument can be used to drive away all electronic components, such as transformer devices, computers and mobile devices.

nickel copper: It is suitable for all kinds of highquality nickel copper material in the market.

Block Emf Copper Nickel Conductive Rfid Emi Shielding Transparent Mesh Fabric - Fabric - AliExpress

The basic info of mesh fabric: The width is 108cm-112cm. The resistance is <1ohm. The nonwoven technics is nickel copper. The suede fabric type is .. Material used for mesh fabric is nickel copper. The knitted type is nickel copper. The shielding efficiency is 50-70db. The function is emi electromagnetic shielding materials. The gram weight is 60g-70g/m2. Mesh fabric has many colors like silver gray. The thickness is 0.09-0.11mm. The product name is block emf copper nickel conductive rfid emi shielding rfid.

The description of mesh fabric: The surface is nickelplated copper and the thermal conductivity of the metal material to make high strength. Meanwhile, the surface is treated with copper, and it can resist oxidation treatment for longterm use. The mesh fabric is soft and has good chemical resistance and can withstand high temperature. It can also protect your valuable information and antiglare with the security of other rfid readers. It can be used for electromagnetic radiation interference protection, make outdoor fiber radiation protection devices speakers suitable for the production of electromagnetic radiation waves, and reduce internal emission. The copper shielding net is equipped with all the functions of electromagnetic radiation, which can be applied by the imagination and equipments with high reliability. It has the functions of radiation shielding and emf protection, good quality and low price. In the meantime, the surface is smooth and has a certain emi shielding effect. This product is a new type of electromagnetic radiation isolation net, used to protect the electromagnetic radiation source, but also have high electric interference effect in electronic equipment. Meanwhile, it has the functions of blocking part of the radiation protection net, and can also protect electronic components from electrostatic discharge, sleep in good conditioner and refrigerator.

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