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Portable Ultrasound Scanner: US-304 series and fST series | United Nations Industrial Development Organization
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Portable Ultrasound Scanner: US-304 series and fST series

Portable Ultrasound Scanner: US-304 series and fST series

Lequio Power Technology Corp. and Okinawa Medical Device Co., Ltd.

Portable Ultrasound Scanner to
Eradicate No Healthcare Service
                                                   Fig. 1 Images of probe (US-304 series and fST series)

 Lequio Power Technology Corp. and Okinawa Medical Device Co., Ltd. have developed Generic Medical Devices: Portable Ultrasound Scanner
       1) US-304 (Low resolution)
       2) US-304AC/AL (High resolution for medical device)
       3) fST9500/9600 (High resolution for medical education)

Portable ultrasound scanner with high resolution, simple function and affordable price.

“US-304 AC”


Major Features and Advantages

・Affordable price
・Portability (only 265 gram)
・No external Power source required (USB power supply from PC)
・SyncView function: Synchronized movie of probe hand work and ultrasound tomography can easily be created
・Sufficient resolution in primary healthcare

Technology Data

Possible applications

We believe that affordable medical solution with our portable ultrasound scanner and planed cloud learning services can contribute to promote universal health coverage directly.
For our achievement, in JICA’s demonstration project in Sudan, it was confirmed that midwives are capable to carry out ultrasound screening in antenatal care sufficiently, after simple training. We are confident that our service will contribute to BOP business, especially antenatal ultrasound screening by midwives.

Competitive advantage

【Initial Cost】
FOB Japan price 2,200-3,200USD (USB probe only)
*You can use your own Windows PC connecting to USB port, in case CPU spec. is above Core i3 and OS is Win.8, Win8.1 or Win10.

【Maintenance cost】
When something happens to the conventional big ultrasound scanner, medical engineer must come to the site it set to check it. While, this portable ultrasound can be easily sent to the distributor at the capital city. This will cause significant difference in maintenance cost.


【Useful Function, “SyncView”】
Probe hand work and ultrasound tomography can be simultaneously recorded in one screen. This original function provides you with new means for reviewing and receiving feedback after training. “SyncView” will make it easier to check if you are scanning the correct position with the correct angle.

Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

Number of Sales: About five-hundred devices (Japan and Global)
Actual duration: Five Years (since US-304 has released in 2015)
And we are negotiating the reseller in 50 countries.

【Completed Project】

  • JICA Project in Sudan (2015~2018)
    “Verification Survey with the Private Sector for Disseminating Japanese Technologies for Improving Maternal and Child Health Utilizing Ultrasound Equipment”

【Ongoing Project】

・JICA Public-Private Partnership Project in Brazil (2019~2021)

Information on patent related to this technology

We are proceeding with obtaining the standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission, IEC 60601 1 and 2-37.
It is expected to be acquired them in September this year.

Company Data

Name Lequio Power Technology Corp.
Okinawa Medical Device Co., Ltd.
Address Tamaki Bldg 3F, 1-20-13, Nishi, Naha, Okinawa, 900-0036, Japan (Lequio Power Technology Corp.)
201, 413-1,Takayasu, Tomigusuku City, Okinawa (Okinawa Medical Device Co., Ltd.)
Capital JPY 77,195,000 (As of August 2017, Lequio Power Technology Corp.)
JPY 22,000,000 (As of October 2018, Okinawa Medical Device Co., Ltd.)
Contact person

Ms. Naomi Takara (Lequio Power Technology Corp.)


Number of employees 10 (As of 31 July, 2019, Lequio Power Technology Corp.)
13 (As of 31 July, 2019, Okinawa Medical Device Co., Ltd.)
Date of company foundation 24 November 2011 (Lequio Power Technology Corp.)
19 July 2013 (Okinawa Medical Device Co., Ltd.)
The type of business Lequio Power Technology Corp.
Healthcare Industry (Medical Equipment and Cloud platform)
Okinawa Medical Device Co., Ltd.
Medical devices (Development, Manufacture and Sales)

                   Corporarte website: https://www.lequiopower.com

International operation

Number of employees for international operation 


Overseas offices
City, Country Name of Company
(if applicable)

Modality of business transaction

Our distributor acts as a general agent to work all responsibility (e.g. Sales division and customer follow-up).
※Including OEM and ODM contracts

Export of product
Our partners have assumed entire responsibility for the sale and customer-support totally, so we are not located in overseas office.


Schematic illustration of the technology


・“US-304 AC”



・“Our company’s Presentation with CEO Mr.Kawamura

Contact Person(s)

Ms. Naomi TakaraE-mail: takara@lequiopower.com

*Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

Registered Category

  • Human Health Technologies : Monitoring and diagnostic equipment
portable ultrasound machine