01/5Use papaya leaves to increase platelet count

A dip in platelet count usually happens when you are infected with dengue. Rapidly decreasing platelets can be a sign of the severity of the disease and must be treated on priority. Nowadays, a sudden drop in platelet count is also said to be a symptom of COVID-19. If you are dealing with low platelet count, here is how you can increase it with the help of papaya leaves.


02/5​Papaya leaves for platelets

Papaya leaves contain a unique phytochemical called acetogenin, which is proven to increase the platelet count. It is an effective remedy for people dealing with dengue as it ensures a speedy recovery. Papaya leaves also contain several natural plant compounds such as flavonoids and carotenes, that contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They prevent the harmful free radicals from causing any damage to your blood cells.


03/5​How to make papaya leaf juice at home

Ingredients required- 4 papaya leaves and one cup water.


  • Firstly wash the papaya leaves properly and cut them into small pieces.
  • Pour water in a pan along with bits of papaya leaves and bring to a boil.
  • Let it simmer for 2 minutes and you have green coloured water now.
  • Strain the water and pour it into a cup.
  • You can add honey or jaggery to it to neutralize its bitterness.
  • Give 30 ml twice a day to adults and 5-10 ml to kids.

04/5​Foods that increase platelet count

A good dose of vitamin C is important to increase platelet count. You can have orange juice, carrot juice, cauliflower soup, pumpkin soup, pineapple juice, stir-fried broccoli with bell peppers and tomato salad. In order to have protein, vitamin K and iron, eat plain dal, roasted peanuts, green leafy vegetables and pumpkin seeds.

Foods rich in vitamin B-12 can also help in dealing with low platelets. You can have eggs in small quantities to increase the count, but make sure you consult the doctor once.


05/5​Foods that decrease platelet count

If you are suffering from dengue and the platelet count decreases continuously, it is essential to know what not to consume. Avoid drinking cow’s milk and cranberry juice for some time. These beverages suppress the platelet count and can worsen your situation. Apart from this, avoid having tonic water and alcohol till you have completely recovered.