Ultrasonics Sonochemistry

Volume 70, January 2021, 105293

Advances in application of ultrasound in food processing: A review

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Ultrasound is an effective eco-friendly technology that enhances the efficiency of various food processes.

It is a substitute for many heat-based, conventional technologies that are detrimental to the product quality.

Ultrasound becomes more powerful when used in combination with conventional processing techniques.

Ultrasound assented unit operation reduces the processing time.


Food processing plays a crucial role in coping up with the challenges against food security by reducing wastage and preventing spoilage. The ultrasound technology has revolutionized the food processing industry with its wide application in various processes, serving as a sustainable and low-cost alternative. This non-destructive technology offers several advantages such as rapid processes, enhanced process efficiency, elimination of process steps, better quality product and retention of product characteristics (texture, nutrition value, organoleptic properties), improved shelf life. This review paper summarizes the various applications of ultrasound in different unit operations (filtration, freezing, thawing, brining, sterilization/pasteurization, cutting, etc.) and specific food divisions (meat, fruits and vegetables, cereals, dairy, etc.) along with, the advantages and drawbacks of the technology. The further scope of industrial implementation of ultrasound has also been discussed.


Unit operation in food
Food processing

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