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Volume 1, March 2019, 100003

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – Does its contemporary business booming and globalization really reconfirm its medical efficacy & safety? rights and content
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The safety and efficacy of TCM will be evaluated by Scientific method.

The development of TCM will be integrated into modern medicine concept.

TCM will be regulated in line with global pharmaceutical standards.

TCM practicers need more modern education and with high moral standard.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) market is rapidly developing since later of 1990s. In 2010, the output value of TCM amounted to RMB317.2 billion (about €36.8 billion), which increased 24%. The net yield and profits of TCM production are much higher than the average for the country's medical industry. The total TCM market in China will rise to €96,2 billion in 2025.

However, it is booming in the market, its efficacy and safety are still being questioned.

This article, beginning with what is in the TCM bottle, discusses why TCM is booming in China, what are the key factors behind. It explained the challenging questions: “Traditional Chinese Medicine's Efficacy – Trick or Treatment” “Is TCM clinical effective?” and “Is it true that TCM's efficacy is for chronic diseases?”

It is concluded that TCM, as one treatment, should be in line with scientific standards and equipped with scientific management system, the priority of which is that practitioners in China with well education and high moral standard are prepared.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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