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GE Healthcare Launches New Lightweight, Portable General Imaging Ultrasound System

October 03, 2011

LOGIQ S8 is a fraction of the weight* and packed with outstanding clinical capability

MIlwaukee, WI, October 3, 2011 -- The latest general imaging ultrasound scanner from GE Healthcare has arrived. Backed by a long-standing tradition of technology migration, the company has introduced today, a lightweight, portable ultrasound scanner called the LOGIQ S8.

The LOGIQ S8 ultrasound system fits easily into small exam rooms, can be rolled throughout the facility to where it is needed and provides superb images across a variety of clinical areas including: abdominal, musculoskeletal, breast, vascular and cardiology.

Among its many features are:

* S-Agile Ultrasound -- a proprietary GE technology that uses flexible clinically-based models of the body to deliver consistently clear images on virtually all patient types. This is particularly important due to the growing number of overweight and obese patients that are being seen in the health care system. Previously, it was difficult to obtain clear and precise ultrasound images of these larger patients, but S-Agile Ultrasound helps alleviate that issue.

* Scan Assistant - a software program that allows for a streamlined workflow that's enables the operator to customize the system to automatically perform frequently used functions, reducing busy work which helps shorten exam times and improve patient care.

* Extreme Ergonomics - The LOGIQ S8 is designed to help eliminate the awkward postures and musculoskeletal stressors that reduce user comfort and productivity. The system's extreme adjustability easily accommodates the stature and working style of each sonographer and the ergonomics help to reduce user fatigue and risk of injury, while enabling high quality exams and efficient workflow.

"The LOGIQ S8 is testament to what our customers have told us is a priority to them: making healthcare delivery more efficient," said Brian McEathron, General Manager of General Imaging Ultrasound for GE Healthcare. "With its established technologies, the system provides outstanding image quality and allows for a streamlined workflow that helps to create the balance between performance and affordability. Patients will appreciate the shortened exam times the system helps make possible, as well as the consistent, highly detailed images their doctor will have to work with. This can mean getting answers more quickly rather than waiting and worrying."

*Fraction of the weight compared to previous generation GE ultrasound systems

Arvind Gopalratnam
GE Healthcare
[email protected]

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