What We Do

We have a professional R&D team with extensive expertise in product design, product development, testing requirements and document management. They provide one-stop workable solutions to our partners, from concept to delivery.

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How We Manufacture

Material selection is part of all engineering applications and design. A wide range of materials from metal, like aluminum, steel or copper, to fabric, oxford cloth, leather, etc. are here to be selected to match your project better.

We possess a full set of manufacturing facilities, including advanced CNC lathes, CNC bending, laser cutting, etc. to finish products with high efficiency and flexibility.

We adopt a circular assembly line with a clean environment and the products are fixed on the assembly fixture to better protect products and avoid missing parts.

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Why We Are Different

Manufacturing capability

Consistent quality

Efficient delivery

Comprehensive after-sales service


Manufacturing capability

Due to our in-house manufacturing and stable supply chain management, we could finish your complex project based on your demand.


Consistent quality

We ensure consistent quality for every batch. We implement strict quality controls beginning with raw material inspection, through to the usage of advanced technology and to reliable testing in our laboratory and we maintain adherence to standards during the process.


Efficient delivery

We utilize MES, ERP, PLM and WMS to ensure efficient delivery.


Comprehensive after-sales service

We have an experienced after-sales service team to provide comprehensive after-sales support, covering everything from the provision of spare parts to timely customer help and advice.

Latest News

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Mar. 28, 2022

​A patient lift is just one piece of equipment that helps nursing homes, private residences and hospital caregivers move patients or residents with mobility issues between chairs and beds or from a sitting to a standing position.


Got Questions?

Read FAQ Or Get In Touch With Us And We Can Help You.

  • Q1. Is Genteel a manufacturing factory?

    A: Yes, Genteel is a manufacturing factory. All products are produced using state of the art processes and raw materials in Genteel's 30,000 square meter plant in China.
  • Q2. Will you help me to create new designs and specifications based on the idea I provide?

    A: Yes, we could help you to provide design services that including research and development, materials recommendations, specification development, production drawings, documentation, and so on. Our expert will let you know if your idea is feasible or not, and once you decide to move forward with us, we would work with you to confirm the timeframe of our project that is workable for both parties. Learn more about our R&D department.
  • Q3. I could not conduct R&D, and would like to focus on how to expand my business under my brand. Could you provide a complete product?

    A: Yes, we could provide a complete product. Hundreds of complete products are available on the private label option here. Genteel will help you expand your customer base with a broader product line. See our products page for more information.
  • Q4. Could I customize your complete product?

    A: Yes, we accept customized solutions, including different frame colors, types of wheel, bag design, etc. to meet your needs.
  • Q5. How do you protect my intellectual property based on OEM?

    A: We understand the importance of safeguarding customers' intellectual property, including your proprietary designs. We could sign confidentiality agreements or NDA.
  • Q6. What manufacturing or quality certification do you have?

    A: Genteel fully complies with the standards set by ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management Systems, and passed GMP quality inspection many times. To meet the needs of the retail channel, Genteel obtained a SA8000 and BSCI certification.
  • Q7. How can you control your lead time?

    A: We utilize ERP, BPM, BI, and other modern systems to operate order receipts, material requirement calculation, procurement, supplier delivery, production organization and shipping delivery to control our lead time. If you need to speed up manufacturing time, our sales team will work closely with you to satisfy your needs wherever possible.
  • Q8. Do you have a warranty for your product?

    A: Yes. The warranty period varies from product to product. Please contact our sales team for more information.
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