Javaplant | Herbal Extracts

With the world’s second highest level of biodiversity characterized by over 28,000 unique plant species, Indonesia holds unmatched potential for the production of herbal extracts. Javaplant, as the largest natural extract manufacturer in Indonesia, has tapped into this potential through the use of state-of-the-art technology to offer an array of herbal extracts highly regarded for retaining peak levels of existing active bio-substances; thereby ensuring maximal performance upon incorporation in the final product. Success in this regard has seen Javaplant position itself as the supplier of choice for both local and international producers of herbal medicines, natural supplements and cosmetics.

Javaplant’s herbal extracts are today considered the industry-benchmark, owing to the implementation of advanced production processes previously unseen in Indonesia such as Quadra Percolation, Vacuum Drying and Vacuum Evaporation. Through these processes Javaplant is able to offer multiple extraction methods, including single extraction, double extraction and triple extraction, for greater customer choice in creating herbal extracts for a wide range of end-product applications. Proficiency in post-percolation manufacturing also facilitates the company’s ability to offer herbal extracts in four distinct forms: dried powder, liquid, concentrate and paste.

Though its capabilities as a manufacturer span a full spectrum of herbal extracts derived from Indonesian-origin plants, Javaplant is particularly well-known as a leading producer of trademarked vacuum-dried extracts used as a key ingredient in nutraceutical lifestyle products. The company’s Purwoceng and Euryco8 brands, made from extracts of Pimpinella and Eurycoma Longifolia, respectively, are specifically designed for implementation in aphrodisiacal supplements and serve as the core component of herbal medicines made available by Javaplant’s sister company, Deltomed Laboratories. The proven effectiveness of Javaplant herbal extracts in products offered by Deltomed has since seen the company’s premium offerings sought out by other leading pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia such as Kalbe Farma, Kimia Farma and Indo Farma.

The rising popularity of herbal products in Indonesia (projected 9% growth in sales over the next five years, Euromonitor) as well as overseas is set to bring about lucrative new opportunities for Javaplant. The company is therefore open to working with international partners to create innovative herbal extracts and take full advantage of growing demand for products that are in keeping with the natural lifestyle.