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Manual Hospital Bed / Electric Hospital Beds

At AvaCare Medical, we have a large selection of hospital beds for sale to suit your individual needs. Also known as medical beds, these products are designed for bedridden patients or other individuals who are in bed for long periods of time. Unlike standard beds, adjustable hospital beds can be positioned and adjusted for better comfort and bed sore prevention. Read More...

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  1. Bariatric Hospital Beds
  2. Carroll Deluxe Low Electric Bed
  3. Carrol CS7 Bed w/ Swivel Wheels
  4. Carrol CS3 Bed w/ Swivel Wheels
  5. Carrol CS3 Bed w/ Swivel Back
  6. Carroll Deluxe Full Electric Bed
  7. Invacare Full Electric Low Hospital Bed
    Starting at $1,292.30
  8. Invacare Semi Electric Hospital Bed
    Starting at $1,107.33
  9. Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed
    Starting at $1,266.77
  10. Medline Semi Electric Basic Bed
    Starting at $572.74
  11. Medline Full Electric Low Basic Bed
    Starting at $932.80
  12. Medline Full Electric Bed
    Starting at $710.41

24 Items

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Whether you’re looking for a hospital bed for home or facility use, we have a full selection to cover all your needs.

The most popular hospital beds we carry include Medline, Drive and Invacare hospital beds, many of which come with rails for extra patient safety. We also offer specialized beds such as low hospital beds that make it easier to get in and out of bed, or a bariatric hospital bed to support heavier or larger users. Another option you may want to look into is our selection of nursing home beds, also known as home care beds, which have a high/low feature that adjust to meet the ideal height for both the patient and caregiver.

Electric Hospital Bed vs. Manual Hospital Bed

Full electric hospital beds use electric motor controls to raise the bed level, as well as the head and foot sections of the bed, by pushing a button. This feature allows a patient to independently and quickly adjust the bed to the ideal position and height.

On semi electric hospital beds, on the other hand, only the foot and head sections of the bed are motor-operated, while the height can only be adjusted by a caregiver, with the use of the hand crank. A semi electric bed is an economical choice for those who have someone to help them raise and lower the bed as needed.

A manual hospital bed is operated with a hand crank, which helps avoid motor failure and maintenance problems. Using the hand crank, the head, foot and height of the bed can be raised to enhance patient comfort. These beds are often used in nursing facilities.

When considering hospital beds for sale, keep in mind that many aren’t sold with mattresses, and you will need to choose a hospital bed mattress separately. To save yourself the extra time, you may want to look out for hospital bed packages, which often include both a mattress and bed rails for your convenience.


Whether you’re a professional caregiver or you care for a loved one at home or even a patient in a manual wheelchair, we can help you find the medical bed that will maximize both your convenience as well as the comfort of your patient. Remember, all of our hospital beds ship fast and free, so place your order now, and we’ll have it shipped by tomorrow, at no extra cost to you!