Company History

As an OEM/ODM manufacturer, New Century Products are on the cutting edge of complementing the existing customers' products. In 2003, New Century Products kick-offed the business with the first customer- Dr. Pettibon and his rehabilitation equipment & supplies company in Washington, United States. At that time, Dr. Pettibon was looking for a manufacturing expert who could turn his ideas into products.

New Century Products took the opportunity to help him succeed. Since then, New Century Products have been helping businesses to grow and thrive. New Century Products aims at becoming a world leader in the OEM/ODM industry.

New Century Products expanded its product line to include smart products.


Successfully entered the China market.


Entered Japan market to develop pet strollers.


Worked with the French design team to develop multi-passenger stroller products.


Actively participated in overseas exhibitions and had international market exposures.


Established the production line for Big & Tall office furniture products.


Established the Engineering Development Department.


Registered New Century Products with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan.

The core value of New Century Products :

  • Responsibility
  • Innovation
  • Specialization
  • Care

The core values ​​​​of New Century Products are "responsibility, innovation, specialization, and care". New Century Products employees are expected to possess a strong sense of responsibility. Employees consistently commit to fulfilling the expectations of both company and customers by completing assigned tasks, maintaining efficient processes, and serving customers in time.

Employee's welfare is the priority of the company in order to give them the reward they deserve and gain their motivation to love their job. Care for others is an important culture in New Century Products' working environment. Every department in the company has its own specialization and works closely with other departments for the same mission and vision. New Century Products are committed to constantly provide the best OEM/ODM service to customers.

Company Vision

To establish a professional multi-skilled technical & creative team.

To develop high-quality products/services.

Company Mission

To be committed to the expectations of integrity, responsibility, quality, and timely delivery.

To fulfill customer needs and maintain the business philosophy of continuous innovation and impeccable service.

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