Microlab 300 Semi-automated Biochemistry Analyzer

Microlab 300 Semi-automated Biochemistry Analyzer

Model: Microlab 300

Manufacturer: ELITECH

Origin: Netherlands

Infomation product

• Designed convenient for use in small and medium-sized hospitals and laboratories. Users only need 15 minutes to get used to the functions of the analyzer. Instruction software will display menus in logical order.

• The keyboard is arranged according to standards for convenient use.

• The amount of reagent used is 30% lower than that of the market.

• Built-in printer can save space.

• High reliability, accurate operation, so maintenance costs are low.

• The analyzer is always ready to operate (no startup time required).

• The large display screen helps observe and identify test results quickly and accurately.

• Aspirating and pumping system contain measuring unit with reaction mixture.

• Measuring volume is only 30 µl, saving reagents.

• Measurable parameters: can be set up to 60 parameters, meeting most laboratory requirements

• Available parameters: GOT / AST, GPT / ALT, GGT, Triglycerid, URIC, UREA / BUN, Total Protein, Total Bilirubin, Bilirubin, CRP, HbA1c, LDH, Phosphorus, Glucose, Creatinine, CK-MB, CK -NAC, Cholesterol, Calcium, Amylase, Albumin, IGA, IGG, IGM, Transferin, ALP, Micro-Albumin, ASO, RF ...

• Microlab 300 can connect and transmit data via peripheral computer systems to data management systems.

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