Nitrile Gloves

PRIMUS Nitrile gloves are made from high quality synthetic nitrile latex. Nitrile known for its excellent strength provides excellent barrier protection and protection against oil-based chemicals. These gloves provide better puncture and abrasion resistance than PVC/vinyl or polythene gloves. Nitrile Gloves are also more solvent resistant than latex rubber gloves. This product contains no latex proteins and hence it is not allergic. Its excellent elastic formulation provides the gloves maximum comfort and fit during wearing and exceptional tactile sensitivity. Being Extra Long (400 mm) than standard surgical gloves, Primus long Cuff Nitrile Gloves ensures extra protection in operation procedures.

These gloves are also used for non medical uses. They are virtually static-free, making them ideal in electronics printing and assembly, prepress processes, handling and mixing UV/EB inks, coatings or chemicals and solvents.
Benefits of Nitrile Gloves
NON Latex (Latex FREE) - Contain no natural rubber latex proteins, hence no allergy related issues
NON Powdered (Powder FREE) - Reduced Skin Irritation
Textured Finish for better grip
Soft, maximum comfort & fit, along with outstanding tactile sensitivity.
Greater resistance to solvents, chemicals and body fluids
Static Free, ideal for use in electronics.
Sterile Gloves in Medical/Hospital use.
Non Sterile Gloves in Automotive (mechanic’s favourite), food handling, salons/spas, electronic assembly, laboratory work, packaging, janitorial, general pharmaceutical and home use.
Glove Size
6.5/Small, 7.5/Medium, 8.5/Large
Synthetic Nitrile Gloves