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NK-1H Pneumatic knee

Code: NK-1H

Even without microprocessor control, the user is able to walk at various walking speeds from slow to normal. This knee joint has an innovative dual-chamber pneumatic cylinder and an advanced weight-activated brake system. In addition, adoption of a high strength titanium frame brings superior durabilit



New weight-activated brake
To prevent the knee from buckling, when body weight is loaded on the knee, the joint is automatically locked.
With conventional braking systems, at toe off, the brake often sticks and interrupts swing initiation until the user shifts body weight off the prosthesis. In the new model this problem is much less likely to occur

Dual-chamber pneumatic cylinder
Now, using a dual chamber system for the pneumatic cylinder, output varies according to the amount of knee flexion. With the smooth initial swing so characteristic of pneumatic cylinders, it is possible to walk comfortably after making setting the appropriate valve adjustments for slow and normal speeds.

Extension assist spring : NK-1Hs
To help knee extension, the NK-1Hs has an internal extension assist spring built into the pneumatic cylinder.
This assistance is suitable for users with low mobility, who would not otherwise be able to manage to swing the knee adequately.

Product specifications

Model no.NK-1Hs
Max. flexion 160°
Weight limit 125 kg
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