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PT. Phytochemindo Reksa

We are an independent and leading manufacturer of natural extracts and service provider to leading companies in the pharmaceutical, traditional medicine, health supplement, food and beverage, cosmetic, and veterinary industries since 1977.

We proudly offer the highest quality extracts, extraction services, and other toll manufacturing services. We also provide formulation and registration assistance for clients developing their very own finished products.

Products & Services

Natural Extracts

Manufacturing natural products with superior quality is of paramount importance to Phytochemindo’s success. We maintain a robust supply chain which ensures that the highest quality materials and finished products are delivered to the marketplace.

Our quality control processes are designed and implemented to ensure compliance with pharmacopoeia specifications. We conduct routine and final product testing to guarantee that we meet international standards.

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Products & Services

Toll Manufacturing

We provide toll manufacturing services for private labelling. We are able to manufacture a wide range of products, which include capsules, tablets, infused teas, utilizing the following packing configurations:

  • Flat sachet
  • Strip
  • Stick sachet
  • Blister
  • Bottle
  • Tea bags
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Products & Services

Formulation & Registration

Our team of expert scientists ensures that we are the forefront of herbal remedy production and innovation. Our high-calibre research and development team services as an extension for our clients to meet their individual R&D needs.

We also provide value added services for our clients by providing formulation and registration support.

We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure appropriate registration with regulators around the globe. This services includes :

  • Provision of stability data
  • Completion of form
  • Documentation of safety data
  • Consultation with Badan POM (Indonesian FDA)


Halal Assurance System Certificate


CPOTB Coated Tablet


CPOTB Oral Powder


CPOTB Dried Extract


CPOTB Capsule


CPOTB Liquid Extract


CPOTB Oral Liquid


CPOTB Viscous Extract


CPOTB Tablet


ISO 22000


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We are constantly looking for new talent. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at admin.office@phytochemindo.com for job opportunities.

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