Skin Stapler

Dermamate is the brand name of the disposable variety of Dolphin skin stapler provided by Futura Surgicare.

Dermamate can be used for skin closure in a wide variety of surgical procedures. Our skin stapler is a safe, effective and time saving alternative to skin suturing.

Dermamate is a high quality and low cost single-use skin stapler which is a ready to use, sterile device with ergonomic design. Dermamate is a wide size 35 pin skin stapler having application in abdominal, gynaecological, orthopaedic, and thoracic surgery for skin closure along with a variety of skin closures. Dolphin Skin Staplers are recommended to be used along with our Staple Remover.

Material Stainless Steel
Coating Uncoated
Colour Undyed
Absorption Non- Absorbable
Sizes 35 Wide
Tissue Reaction Grade-0 Reactivity - None
Applications Skin closure

  • Features

    • Skin stapleris sterile, ready-to-use with 35 pins
    • Skin stapleris a disposable stapler, sterilised by Ethylene Oxide
    • Skin staplerpins are made from special 316 LVM grade stainless steel
  • Advantages

    • Dermamate contains special medical grade stainless steel to ensure soft but sharp staple pins
    • Our skin stapler has unique ratchet system to prevent jamming
    • Dermamate has an indicator to check remaining staple pins
    • Dermamate has an ergonomic user friendly design which provides a clear view of operating site
    • Dermamate has uniform staple pin formation
  • Packing

    The standard packing of this product contains:

    10 sterile staplers which are preloaded and individually blister packed in medical grade paper

  • Usage




    Dermamate, Dermamate Eco and Duramate Stapler are lever action stapler with excellent staple visibility and is available in a wider staples with 35 staple count.


    Stapler has the application in surgery for skin closure.


    Skin staples are made of 316L medical grade stainless steel wire and are non absorbable in nature. It has to be removed after the wound heals through skin staple remover. Cytotoxicity tests shows that there is no tissue toxicity.


    Sutures should be selected and implanted depending on the patient’s condition, surgical experience, surgical technique and wound size.


    When it is not possible to maintain at least 5 mm distance from the stapled skin to the underlying structures, the use of stapler for skin closure is contra indicated.

    The use of this stapler is contraindicated in patients with known sensitivities or allergies to the stainless steel.

    It is contraindicated to be used for internal tissue closure i.e. below skin, rectal vaginal, oral cavity and eyes.


    User should be familiar with surgical procedures and techniques involving non – absorbable stapler and staples before employing stapler and staples for skin closure.

    Ensure that the lever (handle) of the stapler is fully compressed for dislodging and forming the staple.

    Do not press the stapler’s handle twice in a same place or do not press if the staple is not formed.


    Sutura® sutures are sterilized by ethylene oxide. Do not re-sterilize. Do not use if package is opened or damaged. Discard opened unused sutures.


    Recommended storage condition is to store at temperature between 10°C and  35°C, away from moisture and direct heat. Do not use after expiry date.


    Discard used stapler contaminated or uncontaminated with blood in the container meant for “infectious waste”. Unused expired staplers should be incinerated.

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