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1st Generation: Creation

The company was founded after the war by Roland Rousselot, a farmer who specialised in growing and selling artichokes through local markets as well as through Parisian wholesalers. Nowadays a collective of local farmers follow our quality criteria to produce all of the fresh raw material we need to produce very high-quality botanical extracts such as Artichoke or California Poppy.


2nd Generation: Production

His son Serge Rousselot continued the business and made use of the large quantities of artichoke leaves left in the fields after the heads had been harvested. A huge dryer was then installed to dry the leaves for sale to local herbalists. This was followed by modernising the entire operation’s machinery, upgrading the macerating vessels to produce artichoke juice with a low dry matter content. This gave the business the means to supply the booming pharmaceutical industry. This operation and in depthunderstanding of artichoke is a key feature of EVEAR Extraction which produces a high-quality Organic Cynarin extract titrated at 2.5 with near 100% traceability.


3rdGeneration – International Expansion

The company metamorphosed again when Guillaume Rousselot, the founder’s grandson, developed the international side of the business, which will make Evear Extraction one of the leading industrial specialists in botanical extracts and a preferred supplier to the health and food industry, with quality extracts suitable for local and cultural uses. The company is now passing on its knowledge about botanicals from around the world and has achieved in depth traceability on its extracts by combining sourcing, extraction processes and laboratory test procedures that are performed at each stage of the production process.

We have now achieved excellence on extracts like artichoke and valerian.

Quality and Certification

With 50 years of expertise behind us on artichoke, EVEAR Extraction is diversifying its production into a wide range of botanical extracts derived from raw materials harvested in their country of origin, prioritising cultivation on native soil when possible and guaranteeing optimum traceability.

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A Botanicals Company

ILocated in the Anjou region of France in a huge area of farmland, Evear Extractionhas built up its agricultural and extraction operations since 1957 using a small-scale model, now developed into an industrial scale with the aim of achieving traceability from seed to extract. EVEAR Extraction has succeeded in meeting this challenge with the botanical on which it has the most expertise: artichoke.

Our Main Strengths

  • We grow our plants on the right type of soil, for instance black radish
  • We research and develop our own seeds using experimental germination to improve extracts such as chamomile and lemon balmeven further.
  • We coordinate harvesting and extraction closely by maintaining extraction facilities at agricultural locations as with artichoke
  • We have extraction facilities that can handle multiple raw materials and are optimised for aqueous, alcohol and other extraction processes, such as those dedicated to artichoke and valerian
  • We are increasing the analytical capabilities of our laboratory at the production site itself using the most advanced leading edge technology, which is needed to provide the required Quality Guarantee on technical products.
  • We keep to strict ” quality protocols ” which are inspected and certified: ECOCERT, GMP, ISO 9001 and 22000.

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Our Markets

Geographical Breakdown :

  • 70% export
  • 30% France

Breakdown by Industry Sector :

  • 70% Food Supplements
  • 20% Pharmaceutical Industry (API) DMP
  • 10% Speciality Products – Extraction

Our Extracts

Quality Requirements

Our Specifications

EVEAR Extraction has a policy to always provide botanical extracts that meet our own specifications and which continually increase in quality and environmental friendliness.

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With more than 80 plant extract specialities , we are a privileged supplier to the health and food industry. Demand quality plant extracts and increase your production.

Evear Extraction is a French company which for 3 generations has specialised in growing medicinal plants, fruits and vegetables and producing extracts for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries. Browse through more than 80 highly traceable product lines with dry extracts (artichoke and juice powders (lemon) titrated and standardised or made to your specification. See all extracts.