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59S Handheld UV light Sterilizer Wand (X5)
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59S UV Light Garment Sanitizer Bag with 12 UVC Bulbs (P26)
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59S UV Light Sanitizer bag with 24 UVC Leds, XL Portable UV sterilizer box P55(Pro)
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59S UV Phone Sanitizer S2
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59S UV Light Sanitizer Bag with 9 UVC Bulbs for Baby Supplies (P11)
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59S UV Light Sanitizer, Flexible and Portable UVC Lamp (L1)
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UP to 30% OFF UV Sterilizer!

Disinfection Experiment Worth Thousands Of Words

UV light sterilizer, the most effective way to keep your items and surroundings clean, has been trusted in health care environments for decades.
The long-lasting gold UV-C LED chips (instead of mercury bulbs) wavelength between 260 and 280 nanometers can penetrate the cells’s nucleus of the membrane of the microorganism and damage it's DNA and RMA, eliminate most of all germs.
The speed and efficiency of UVC, as well as its healthy for use around humans, make it ideal for hospital disinfection tasks and have led to a variety of devices that employ UV-C technology.
The disinfecting power of the sun, no more "physical harm' from chemical disinfectants. it can also purify the air, remove odors, and be used to keep produce fresh.
59S products are totally 100% ozone free, chemical-free, and eco-friendly. 
59S light sterilizer are tested for effectiveness and have complete test reports such as SGS, FDA, EPA, CE, BSCI, etc.


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