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A leading biomedical teaching and research center and the in-state veterinary college for residents of Virginia and Maryland, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine creates and maintains an environment that allows all members to learn and grow to their full potential. The college's locations include the main campus in Blacksburg, Virginia, home to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital; the Animal Cancer Care and Research Center in Roanoke, Virginia; the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center in Leesburg, Virginia; and the Gudelsky Veterinary Center in College Park, Maryland.

College Priorities

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    Veterinary Teaching Hospital Expansion and Renovation , home

    VA-MD Vet Med has plans to launch an expansion of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital to create modern, world-class teaching and clinical research spaces that will advance knowledge through patient care. Philanthropic partners are sought to ensure this project can occur in a timely fashion without increasing the financial burden on future students.

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    Student Scholarships , redirect

    The rising educational debt-to-salary ratio is considered one of the most serious issues facing veterinary colleges across the country. Scholarship support plays a crucial role in reducing the burden of educational debt and creating opportunities for underserved populations at VA-MD Vet Med.

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    Animal Cancer Care and Research Center , redirect

    The Animal Cancer Care and Research Center represents hope for a brighter future in cancer care. The new center capitalizes on a strikingly rare opportunity to integrate researchers across disciplines investigating animal and human health, which leads to better quality and quantity of life for our animal companions and their owners.

Our Hospitals

Alumni and Friends: Stay Connected

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    Alumnus joins Virginia Tech veterinary college as the associate director of student success , article

    Jay Kyle '88, DVM '93 will work with the faculty and staff of the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine to increase retention, support academic success, and champion the overall student experience.

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    Veterinarian alumna helps solve deadly mysteries for the CDC , article

    In helping to identify the source of four cases of melioidosis, Capt. Jennifer McQuiston, a CDC epidemiologist trained at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, was part of the team that stopped the spread of the disease that left two people dead.

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    Connect , article

    Save Oct. 20-22 on your calendar for VA-MD Vet Med’s annual event, Connect, an opportunity for students, alumni, and practitioners to meet and share the collective interest and mutual benefit of mentorship, career opportunities, continuing education, and reunion celebrations. 

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    VMCVM Wellness Memorial Fund , home

    The Wellness Memorial Fund honors alumni and dedicated members of the college community who have died. Their influence and impact are memorialized through important contributions that advance wellness projects and initiatives.

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