Yeast Extracts

Ohly produces a range of specialty yeast extracts and yeast-based flavours that can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as accentuating savoury, roasted and meaty notes, or for sugar and salt reduction.

Ohly offers a wide selection of flavours especially designed for your application. From soups to condiments, processed meat to seasoning – their yeast-based products provide a rich taste of their own, and are globally recognised as effective solutions for salt reduction or MSG replacement. The selection of Dark Yeast Extracts produce intense roasted meaty notes and dark colour. Ohly yeast extracts are typically used at very low dosages, making them efficient and versatile ingredients for your recipe.

Under the original brand name OHLY®, they manufacture baker’s yeast extracts which are gained through a gentle autolysis process to release the protein-rich cell sap. This extract is rich in valuable amino acids, nucleotides and other useful cell constituents. Yeast extracts are used as natural flavour components in many foods as they offer intensifying and rounding of the natural flavour complex.

A second group of yeast-based flavour ingredients are derived from Torula yeast and are known under the PROVESTA® brand. Different processing routes ensure end products with different functions and flavour notes. The PROVESTA® product range includes autolysed yeasts, inactive yeasts and yeast extracts.

Ohly’s natural yeast extracts are animal and allergen free, and conform to Kosher and Halal requirements.

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Ohly is one of the world’s leading suppliers of yeast extracts and culinary powders for the food, fermentation, health and animal feed markets.

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